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by ryan davis


rubyforge 0.3.0 and hoe 1.0.5 released

Published 2006-10-03 @ 01:21

Two announcements:

Skip all this blah blah and them both with one simple command:

sudo gem install hoe

rubyforge 0.3.0

I’m proud to announce that codeforpeople’s rubyforge 0.3.0 has been released! This release further refines rubyforge’s abilities, adding news posting and finally adding multiple file releases!

We still have a lot of plans for this library. Next on the list is to be able interact with tracker, error checking, and a much more powerful and mostly automatic configuration system.

  • 0.3.0 / 2006-10-03:
    • Added more debugging output if $DEBUG
    • Added news posting.
    • Added multiple file release to add_release (uses add_file for extras).
    • add_release now returns release_id
    • Fixed config scraper to include ‘-‘ in names.

hoe 1.0.5

Hoe has become a monster I’m falling for. Tiny, simple, nicely constrained, yet rather powerful.

  • Doco cleanup.
  • Removed Manifest.txt from rdoc and added title.
  • Added changeset support.
  • Added spec_extras for easy gemspec attribute setting.
  • Added release_notes, changeset setting for releases.
  • Added paragraphs_of utility method.
  • Added email and rubyforge news announcement tasks.
  • Url attribute may now be an array of urls.