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by ryan davis


ZenTest 3.4.0 Released

Published 2006-09-13 @ 03:05

ZenTest version 3.4.0 has been released! Lots of autotest plugin'y goodness!
sudo gem update ZenTest

13 minor enhancements

* Broke out example_dot_autotest into multiple files in lib. * Enhanced hook system so it can return true if event handled. * Sleep is now 1 second by default because life is too short. * Hooked interrupt with new hook system. First handler wins. * Hooked test results before output * Accurate test counts for Test::Rails. * Added snarl autotest plugin, thanks to Patrick Hurley. * Added timestamp autotest plugin, thanks to Joe Goldberg. * Added redgreen, thanks to Pat Eyler, Sean Carley, and Rob Sanheim. * Added kdenotify autotest plugin, thanks to Geir Freysson. * Added markaby support for Test::Rails. * Added hack to display a tree of render calls. * Added hook to perform extra setup for

5 bug fixes

- Extended zentest to deal with rails a bit better... ugh. - Fixed @libs for windoze. - Fixed inner class/test identification in autotest. - Namespaced all plugins... eric is anal. - No longer freak out if rubygems tarball not in multiruby/versions.