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by ryan davis


codeforpeople's rubyforge 0.2.0 released

Published 2006-09-14 @ 01:13

I'm proud to announce that codeforpeople's rubyforge 0.2.0 has been released! This release marks a massive revamp to rubyforge splitting the previous command-line script into a script and library with unit tests. Makeing the system now able to be used directly from Rakefiles and other deployment scripts! We've extended the command set and added semi-automatic configuration of groups, projects, and releases. We've also added the ability to add files to a release. We have a lot of plans for this library. Next on the list is to be able to specify multiple files to release all at once, error checking, and a much more powerful configuration system.
Editorial: This is sooo going to make my deployment life easier! I'm planning on doing a release per day for this week (with this release counting as Wednesday's release). Eventually I'd like you to be able to do this:
% echo "group: seattlerb
project: ringy_dingy" > .rubyforge.yml
% rake test clean package
% rubyforge release 1.2.3 pkg/*
For now I'm quite happy with:
% rake test clean package
% rubyforge add_release seattlerb ringy_dingy 1.2.3 pkg/*.gem
% rubyforge add_file seattlerb ringy_dingy 6929 pkg/*.tgz
The only real PITA is getting that release ID by hand. That is next on my list. Tomorrow should be a release of RubyInline. Long overdue.