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by ryan davis


ruby2c 1.0.0 beta 5 released

Published 2006-05-12 @ 03:45

After almost a year, I'm pleased to announce that another beta of ruby2c is available. The project stagnated for a bit, but is coming back in force! We've solidified this release by gemifying it, splitting up our tail end translator to convert to either ANSI C or ruby internals C, and making it much more happy with other tool-chains (like our obfuscator). ruby2c translates a static ruby subset to C. Hopefully it works. Enough Propaganda! Just install it!
sudo gem install RubyToC
CHANGES: + 6 minor enhancements: + Split RubyToC to RubyToRubyC and RubyToAnsiC. + Extended Environment to be more flexible for various situations. + Removed propaganda (bloat) from release. + Gemified and reorganized things. Support still needs splitting up. + Flipped a lot of internal naming to use Unique. + Added ruby_to_c_show (like parse_tree_show). + 4(ish) bug fixes: + Use ivars instead of cvars so inheritance won't bugger the translator. + Corrected unsupported node lists in pipeline. + Fixed bugs for splat args, iters, optional args, method name map. + Fixed many other bugs.