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by ryan davis


ruby2c 1.0.0 beta 3 released

Published 2005-06-08 @ 19:25

I just released ruby2c 1.0.0 beta 3! Have at it. Here are the release notes: Ruby2C provides a pipeline of SexpProcessor classes to work with ParseTree output. Processors included:
  • Rewriter - massages the sexp into a more consistent form.
  • TypeChecker - type inferencer for the above sexps.
  • RubyToC - converts a ruby (subset) sexp to C. Remember folks: THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE!


    • 16 minor enhancements:
      • Added ivar and iasgn support. Needs more work.
      • Added limited support for self.
      • Added pipeline tests for bools, call_arglist, call_attrasgn, fbody.
      • Added process_not to RubyToC.
      • Added support for float and symbol literals.
      • Added support for gasgn, cvasgn, const (class consts, not classes).
      • Improved error handling/reporting, esp in RubyToC.
      • In TypeChecker.boostrap, pre-registered all base classes.
      • Modified process_class test to include a class const.
      • Processing :class now adds class constants to the local var scope.
      • Processing :const checks both genv and env now.
      • Rearchitected all tests into a pipeline test class.
      • Rewrite attrasgn into regular calls.
      • Rewrite fbody into a regular defn.
      • Rewrote :array inside call to :arglist.
      • Rewrote :or nodes in process_case to correctly be binary.
    • 1 bug fix:
      • Fixed a bug where single line while bodies were missing a semicolon.