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by ryan davis



A 'no-peeky'-TDD rails site for ruby groups.

Now dead… rubyholic started with a simple question:

Is it possible to create a functional web-app and never look at it.

We wrote rubyholic from the ground up using TDD and good design principles. The only people who looked at the website were 2 beta testers and a designer who was doing our CSS markup. The beta testers did point out a couple places where we forgot to write some functional tests. This could have also been done via coverage tools, but this was very early on in the rails timeframe. In short, it was a success. We pushed the site to production without ever taking a look at it first.

Get The Code

If you just want to use rubyholic, you can install it via RubyGems:
gem install rubyholic
Fork me on GitHub If you want to hack on rubyholic, clone it from GitHub:
git clone git://github.com/seattlerb/rubyholic

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