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by ryan davis



Makes flay analysis persistent and cross-project.

Did you ever want to make your flay results persistent?!? Me neither, but now you can! This flay plugin allows you to run flay across multiple runs combining and persisting the results. This allows you to detect plagiarism or good gem candidates across multiple projects.

  • Adds -p flag to persist data on a file-by-file basis.
  • Adds -r flag to re-run against already scanned files.
  • Currently uses Marshal to persist… This begs for maglev.

    % flay -p some_project % flay -p -r other_project # redo already scanned files with -r % flay -p # just show the persisted data

Get The Code

If you just want to use flay-persistence, you can install it via RubyGems:
gem install flay-persistence
Fork me on GitHub If you want to hack on flay-persistence, clone it from GitHub:
git clone git://github.com/seattlerb/flay-persistence

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