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by ryan davis


What the hell is up with the breeders??? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a problem w/ kids. I have a problem with the people who insist on having as many kids as they possibly can. I’m not one of those zero-population-growth fanatics by any means, but they do have a point. Do we really need to ADD more people to the world? We passed 6 billion people in October of 1999 (FIX: make sure 1999 and not 2000) and are accellerating. So the real question is, why do people insist on having more kids?

I mean, WHY have 3+ kids at all??? What is wrong with 2 or even 1? Is it greed (I need more kids to give me attention), vanity (I’m so beautiful, why wouldn’t the world benefit from more of me), or what??? Are you just too lazy to use birth control?

TODO: Obviously this is half baked.