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by ryan davis


I had this recent email dialog with yet another headhunter, this time one Ron Melnick <ronm@SOS-1.com> . Unlike Kevin, who was rude, abrasive, and impersonal, Ron was simply... inept. Following my reply to the original email, including his original:

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ron Melnick, I am a technical staffing consultant with Staffing Options and Solutions in Lynnwood... I was curious, are you still currently off the employment market or are you pursuing new avenues of employment.
Although a fair number might not pick up on it. His grammar really sucks. This is the type of thing that I pick up on, and especially find a turn-off if someone is approaching me for my time. My response was admittedly a bit harsh:

I don't work with headhunters. Especially not ones with such bad grammar. Here is some help:

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ron Melnick, (run-on, should have a period here) I am a technical staffing consultant with Staffing Options and Solutions in Lynnwood. (period, no need for an ellipse) I was curious, are you still currently off the employment market or are you pursuing new avenues of employment? (end of question, not statement. Requires a question mark)

His response is below, with my reply inline. I think this goes to show why the IQ bell curve has such a big hump in the middle.
> English Major eh? I will be sure to mention your talent/name at the next
> NACCB or Recruiter Pow-wow. Much appreciated.

Nice threat.

English major? Not at all. I am a Computer Science major with a wide range of depth and knowledge and a yearning for perfection. I simply can't take a person seriously when they send me email trying to gain my interest and they don't even bother to proofread their email before they send it out. How EXACTLY do you think you are going to get quality candidates if you don't bother to show any quality yourself?

> Such rudeness shows your lack of professionalism. As I would rather have a
> few missed spelled words in life verse being rude. But hey Rock and roll
> right?? Most recruiters/companies I work with in town feel the same way.

You apparently feel the same way. A true professional would have responded a lot different than you did. You are on the job when you respond to me. You are the professional (supposedly) getting company money while responding to my email with absolutely no intent of trying to recover your fumble. What exactly is your intent with this email?

I, however, am home after work and this is my time off. I am choosing (for entertainment value) to respond to your email rather than just trash it. I get probably 15 of these a week. Your email was the worst in months. You should be ashamed.

And as for "lack of professionalism"? You SPAMMED ME. I owe you nothing. You and I are not in business nor do we have ANY professional relationship. Saying that I was unprofessional is like accusing someone in a grocery store of being unprofessional when they are just another customer.

You are trying to sell your services to ME. To win ME over. How can you ever expect me or anyone else you contact to take you seriously if you lack the skills to even send a quality email? How can you expect me or anyone else to think that you can provide me with a quality representation on the software contracting market if you: 1) initially contact someone without a single grammatically correct sentence and 2) follow up on the critique with inane remarks about an "unprofessional attitude" when you spammed them in the first place?

The same is true for businesses. I _expect_ businesses to pick up on what I picked up on, and that is that you have more concern on quantity placement than for quality placement.

> TIP time, why don't you put on your posting/resume you do not work with
> recruiters. Most likely you will not need one with your talent. I always
> learned not to burn any bridges for you never know when you will need to
> cross it at another time.

Thank you for the tip. I will put on my resume today a link to my headhunter page. I will also update my headhunter page to include this email.

A bridge is a resource that is valued. _I_ am that bridge for you. Not the other way around. _I_ am the one that _you_ contacted. Not the other way around. You found my webpage on my website and RATHER than read the notice that said clearly "I am not currently seeking employment." and RATHER than search my website and find my page that explains very clearly why I don't work with headhunters like you, you decided to send me an email that you didn't even bother to make sure was up to the professional standards that you'd like to hold me to, even though you don't hold yourself to it.

TIP time, take this email as a not so subtle hint. You need to work on your pitch, presentation, and your professionalism. Headhunters are a dime a dozen, you can, and will be replaced if you don't do a quality job. To me, you are just a stranger and you are trying to sell ME something. We don't have any relationship yet, nor will we ever if you can't present yourself correctly.

I took the time to respond to you the first time. I'm sure most don't even bother. I took the time to respond to your sordid reply. I won't give you any more of my time. It was entertaining at best...